Monday, June 25, 2007

Testi Kebab

Testi kebab is a strange take on the traditional kebab, in which the meat and veggies are cooked over the fire in a clay pot, after which the pot is cracked open with a hammer and served. This is a veggie version.
Goreme, Turkey


Turkish ravioli topped with yogurt and tomato sauce. Our manti were stuffed with cheese, but they are traditionally stuffed with meat. The ravioli are tiny - more like a tortellini really.

Goreme, Turkey

Spinach Crepe with Cheese

Spinach crepe with cheese. Or potato with mushroom and cheese? We ordered the only two veggie items on the menu and they looked identical. Tasty, but isn't anything topped with a pound of cheese? The dishes were served with mashed potatoes, some weird pasta nest and a medly of mushrooms, peas and carrots. All cold and barely edible.

Goreme, Turkey

Grilled Calamari

Grilled calamari with tartar sauce served with fruits and veggies. We ordered this at what was supposedly one of the best restaurants in Anatolia. Certainly had excellent service and nice plating, but the food wasn't that spectacular... maybe we are spoiled in San Francisco?

Goreme, Turkey

Vegetarian Casserole

Baked casseroles are popular in Turkey - they typically contain meat, chicken or seafood. This is a vegetarian version topped with cheese.

Kas, Turkey

Vegetarian Feast

Typical dinner at George House included a variety of vegetarian dishes served with rice, yogurt, honey and lots of homemade bread. This evening we had green beans in tomato sauce, sauteed eggplant, stuffed green peppers, a tomato pilaf and green potatoes with egg.

Faralya, Turkey

Grilled shrimp

In Fethiye, you could purchase seafood at the seafood market and the neigboring restaurants would grill it and provide a salad and bread for 5 lira a person. We had these jumbo shrimp along with a whole black sea bass from the Black Sea (which we carved into as soon as it landed on the table, so we unfortunately didn't get a picture) .
Fethiye, Turkey

Turkish Breakfast

We had a "Turkish breakfast" almost everyday in Turkey. It consisted of an egg (usually hardboiled), tomatoes, cucumber, olives, a basket of ekmek (bread) with butter and honey, and either Turkish tea, apple tea or Nescafe.
Often it would also include a slice of cheese or some fruit.
Everywhere, Turkey


We had lunch at a lokanta, an informal Turkish restaurant, which usually has a variety of prepared hot and cold mezes (like appetizers or small plates) that you can choose from. For this mean, we had sauteed greens (something similar to spinach), a noodle casserole and a very nice vegetable gratin with some interesting spices.

Fethiye, Turkey


Pide is Turkey's version of pizza. Very thin crust, long and skinny shape, no tomato sauce. This one is a kaserli pide (cheese) with tomato, mushrooms and peppers. The traditional Turkish pide has a meat sauce.
Selcuk, Turkey.