Saturday, December 8, 2007

Traditional African Veg Food

A plate of githeri (beans and corn), greens and cabbage. Cheap and simple.

Nairobi, Kenya

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


An assortment of desserts in the window of the most popular shop in Cairo for such things. This place was always jam packed with customers purchasing beautifully wrapped boxes of sweets and pastries, even late at night. It also served amazing chocolate, melon and mango ice cream - 2 scoops for 50 cents! We got a cone every night we were in Cairo - Gil sometimes got two.
Cairo, Egypt

Massive Beef Kebab

No, we didn't start eating meat, but this gigantic beef kebab grilling on the side of the street caught our attention. The cook shaves off pieces and serves it in a pita or flat bread.

Cairo, Egypt


A tasty (and cheap!) Egyptian vegetarian dish that's a popular home staple. A mixture of lentils, rice and/or pasta topped with chick peas, fried onions and a spicy tomato-based sauce. You mix it all together before eating it and can also add pickle juice if you like. It's very filling - this dish was too big to finish.
Cairo, Egypt


A milk and egg sweet custard that reminded us of flan.

Cairo, Egypt

Vegetable "Curry"

A very boring vegetable curry. We ordered 2 dishes with different names and they both looked like this...

Luxor, Egypt

Grilled Fish and Calamari

A beautiful yellow sea bass and calamari, grilled. Served with grilled vegetables and mezes.

Dahab, Egypt